Dear Viewer,


A Big Welcome to an Exhibition that focusses on the act of selling, as much as the products for sale. A portrait of my Grandmother 'The Avon Lady' possibly the best sales person ever ("You will want me before I will want you"} set amongst videos of Indian Street Sellers offering the very best in one liners. This 'bazaar' is located in my newly built outdoor Art studio scattered with objects for sale. Our house has been turned into a weekend gallery showcasing the latest paintings by my wife Kally and one by my son Jack, and sculptor Travis Perkins makes an appearance.

This exhibition is part of E17 Art Trail , which is a massive "Open Studio" event ,we are venue 198

Open Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th 10am - 6pm at 66 Grosvenor Park Rd, E17 9PG



Silent Bid Auctioneers