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One Little Girl and a Can of Gasoline

The name of the business "One Little Girl and a Can of Gasoline', inspired by a line from a Nick Cave song, implies that something doesn't need to be big to create an impact . This is evident in the projects that we undertake. 

One Little Girl is able to organise complicated jobs that involve mass production or that are perhaps, an awkward combination of skills. Tasks that also involve an hours work are also welcomed.

The studio is geared to the assembling mainly metal components most of which are made in house, others that include for example, laser cutting or section bending, are out sourced. The application of such work is very varied although the process is usually familiar.

The starting point of the business was to set up a fine art studio which was profitable as well as artistically led. One Little Girl has never bounced a cheque or been to court. We encourage stage payments and clients are encouraged to visit the workshop during production. When this is inconvenient a photographic record to progress is sent by email to update clients.

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